Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm Back!

After a 3 year absence while putting my husband through law school, I'm back! I did find some new recipes throughout our years at Ave Maria School of Law, but I never did find time to post them. In fact, I was doing well just to get to the grocery store, muster the energy to cook, and then find the will-power to do dishes after I had gotten up at 5:00am, worked 10 hours, come home, cleaned the house, and made dinner. Phew. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm thankful for God's grace throughout that time, and I'm thankful that it's over. However, I do miss certain things about law school, and the thing I miss the most is cooking with my dear, dear friends. With our husbands busy studying seemingly 24/7, us girls stuck together - shopping together, cooking together, working out together. This, I will always miss. I'll start by updating the blog with some recent recipes I've found, and then I'm post some of the recipes I cooked with my girlfriends during school. You can try the meals that got our husbands through finals =) In the meantime, thanks (especially Steph!) for your posts! Let me tell you, though I didn't post, I did cook, and your recipes are AWESOME!!! I just wish I could have dinner at your house all the time. =) I hope that this blog has still been useful, as it has been for me, for quick reference to recipes. I'll try to become more blog-literate and figure out how to make the recipes easier to find. Cheers to you all!

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